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iso certification canada

ISO 22000 & ISO 9001: What Do These Certifications Mean?

Northern Uniform is registered to both ISO 22000:2018 Food Safety Management and ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems. While we’re proud of it, you’re probably wondering, “that’s great and all, but what does it mean? How do these certifications benefit my business?” Below, we delve into what each certification entails, how

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uniform program management

Managing Your Uniform Program Is Our Job, Not Yours!

With the summer season here, your company should worry less about uniform program management and more about relaxing as much as possible.  Let us take the stress off your business when it comes to managing your uniform rental or facility services program—we have all of the resources and tools to

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restroom supplies: how to keep your facility compliant

How to Keep Your Facility Compliant

You need to keep your business’ restroom supplies safe, clean, and stocked to ensure your facility’s compliance with the standards and regulations of your industry. With Northern Uniform’s facility services like mat rental, mop rental, restroom supplies and towel rental, you never have to worry about having the right equipment

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northern uniform p.a.s.s. program explained

Northern Uniform’s P.A.S.S. Program Explained

Here at Northern Uniform, we pride ourselves on our long history of providing our customers with the safest uniform rental program available. We also realize that this can be a huge upfront expense for businesses. That is why we developed the P.A.S.S. Program, exclusive to Northern Uniform.  What is P.A.S.S.?

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Why wear high visibility clothing blog

The 3 Key Benefits of High Visibility Workwear

Why wear high visibility clothing? Workplace hazards are an unfortunate part of many high-risk industries, such as mining, roadwork and construction. That’s why high visibility workwear is relied on by many across Canada, so that both businesses and employees remain safe each and every day. We outline the top 3

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Logistics Uniform Rental Program

All About Northern’s Logistics Uniform Rental Program

In the transportation industry, your employees are always on the move, so they need a logistics uniform rental program they can rely on. Whether they’re loading trucks at the warehouse or working face-to-face delivering to customers, their uniforms should be durable, breathable, and high-quality.  We understand that your drivers and

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mining safety apparel checklist

Your Ultimate Checklist for Mining Safety Apparel

A mining safety apparel checklist is imperative for your mining business. Miners are regularly exposed to harsh conditions, such as extreme temperatures, poor visibility and more. That’s why here at Northern Uniform, we understand the importance of keeping your employees safe on the job and highly-visible.  Below, we outline a

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Our Company Story 100 plus years in the making blog header image

Our Company Story: 100+ Years in the Making

Despite all of the new and exciting things we’ve been doing here at Northern, we still remember where, why, and how we started.  The story of Northern Uniform as not only a proudly Canadian company, but as a family, drives our team each and every day to deliver the best

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Why We're a Leader in Food Safety Uniforms blog header image

Why We’re a Leader in Food Safety Uniforms

When it comes to food safety, you need food processing uniforms that not only look good, but keep your employees safe and clean while reducing the risk of cross-contamination in the food supply. Being in business for over 120 years, Northern Uniform not only understands the importance of eliminating cross

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6 ways uniforms can benefit your business blog header image

5+ Ways Uniforms Can Benefit Your Business

When you’re going through a uniform rental company, you may think that uniforms are just there to identify your employees and your business. While that’s certainly one benefit, there are several other ways uniforms can benefit your business.  Below, we outline the 5+ versatile ways a uniform rental program can

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New Year, New Uniform blog header image

New Year, New Uniform Program

We’re already a month into 2022, and we’ve got high hopes for what’s to come! Whether you’re looking to switch from your current uniform provider, or looking to start the uniform rental process, Northern Uniform is here for you.  With over 120 years of experience servicing a variety of industries

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The top 5+ benefits of a mat rental program blog header image

The Top 5+ Benefits of a Mat Rental Program

Whether you realize it or not, there are many benefits of a mat rental program for your business, no matter the industry.  That’s why along with uniforms, we realize that mats are paramount to the smooth operation of your business. With over 120 years of experience servicing a variety of

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switching uniform providers is hassle free when you go norther blog image

Switching Uniform Providers is Hassle Free When You Go Northern

Don’t hesitate – we make switching uniform providers easy Is your company facing any of the following issues with your current uniform rental provider? Incomplete deliveries Poor customer service Can’t understand your invoice Repairs are not getting done Employees are running out of their uniforms or supplies   We know

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the benefits of a local uniform supplier header image

The Benefits of a Local Uniform Supplier

We know that you have a lot of options when it comes to choosing a uniform provider. But there’s only one that is proudly Canadian, family owned, locally operated that services most of Ontario. For more than 120 years, Northern Uniform has been serving businesses throughout Ontario with high quality

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Tired of missing garments blog image

Tired of Missing Garments? We Have an App for That!

Do you struggle with having missing garments or incomplete deliveries with your current uniform rental provider? Missing garments is by far one of the biggest complaints we hear about from potential customers working with other providers. When you’re busy running a business, the last thing you should have to worry

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Quality Uniform Brands We Carry blog image

Quality Uniform Brands We Carry

At Northern Uniform, it’s our job to keep your workforce looking and feeling their best by carrying quality brands you can trust. We’d like to take a minute to assure our customers about the brands Northern Uniform believes in and carries. Every uniform from Northern Uniform has our stamp of

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Top 4 Reasons to Choose Northern for Your Uniform Program Blog Image

Top 4 Reasons to Choose Northern for Your Uniform Program

We know that as a business, you have a lot of options when it comes to choosing a uniform rental or facility services provider. However, finding the right provider for you is what matters most. We have the formula to remain “Ontario’s favorite uniform rental supplier.” Here are the top

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