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Why Choose to Work for Northern Uniform?

As a family-owned and operated company spanning four generations, we understand that our team members have their own lives and families to consider.

Work-life balance is a given, not a fantasy, when you Go Northern! Our values are not only reserved for how we treat our customers; we also utilize these every day with our fellow team members.

Keep Your Promises

Be Fair

Tell The Unvarnished Truth

Respect Each Other

Do The Right Thing

When you choose to work with us, rest assured that you’ll be part of a prosperous operation and guided by a supportive, passionate team. We always have each other’s backs, and learn from one another every day.

Employee Recognition

At Northern Uniform, we are extremely proud of all the driven, hard-working individuals that make up our team. Each and every one of our team members play an important role in our success and we ensure merit is given where needed.

Employee of the Month​

Employees are welcome to nominate their peers, using our High-Five walls, to applaud their helpful behaviour each passing week.

At the end of the month, Northern Uniform rewards the employee with the most nominations, as well as draws a lucky second place winner from the pool.

BrightStripe Ken and Food Safety Ken Northern Uniform Careers

BRIGHTstripe Ken and Food Safety Ken Awards

The Management team at Northern Uniform likes to recognize those employees that stand out by going the extra mile while on the job, and they do so with some special helpers.

Inspired by two of our largest customer industries, and our trademark high visibility uniform collection, the BRIGHTstripe Ken and Food Safety Ken awards are Northern Uniform’s special recognition to employees that go above and beyond in their job.

BRIGHTstripe Ken keeps an eye out for High-performing employees in the Sudbury office, while Food Safety Ken is on the lookout for them in the Bradford depot.
Employee Appreciation

Employee Appreciation

From excellent performance & goals achievements to seasonal changes, we always have something to celebrate at Northern Uniform. We are always looking for different ways to show our employees how much we appreciate their hard work and dedication.

Some of these activities include:
- Monthly Birthday Celebrations
- Employee Luncheons
- Christmas Potlucks
- Tenure Anniversary Bonuses

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We offer numerous benefits to ensure your happiness in and outside of the workplace, such as:

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Health, Dental, and Drug Plan

Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP)

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Four-day Work Weeks


Production Department

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Perfect Attendance Bonus

Performance Bonus

Cross-Training Bonus

Paid Breaks

Service Department

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Perfect Attendance Bonus

Performance Bonus

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Retention Bonus

“Join a company that values you and envisions your success.

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