Uniform Rental Service

Local Uniform Rental Service in Ontario

Employee retention is critical to success, and we believe that a uniform rental service can make a difference in the way people feel about their jobs. 

That’s why we have developed uniform rental services and programs that fit your business, no matter the industry, while also taking care of the delivery, pick-up, laundering and repairs so you don’t have to.

Why Use a Uniform Rental Service?

Implementing a uniform program in your business can help you stay consistent and responsible, while keeping your employees looking and feeling their best. Research has proven that uniforms help employees feel happier on the job by boosting morale, which leads to higher productivity, quality of work and a better impression on your customers. 

A uniform program ensures that you stay compliant with the latest industry standards and regulations while guaranteeing that every employee is outfitted with a clean, comfortable uniform that is in good repair and replaced when needed.

The Industries We Serve

Being in business since 1901, Northern Uniform has over 120 years of experience servicing a variety of industries in Ontario, including:


Stay visible, safe and compliant with our Mining Uniform Rental Program that exceeds the mining industry’s standard.


Food Processing Uniforms

uniform rental service food safety

Northern Uniform is proud to have attained ISO22000:2018 Food Safety Management System certification, ensuring that you get the safest uniform rental service available.


uniform rental service industrial clothing

Provide your employees with durable, high-quality industrial workwear that not only keeps them safe but keeps them happy and boosts their morale too.

Flame Resistant Workwear

uniform rental service flame resistant

Safety and comfort should always be a high priority. If flame-resistant garments are required for your industry, we have a wide assortment of products to choose from to meet your needs.

High Visibility Workwear

uniform rental service high visibility workwear

With compliant fabrics and superior reflectivity materials, our high visibility garments make sure you stay safe and stay seen on the job.



Whether they are packaging in the warehouse or on the go with deliveries, your staff needs workwear that is flexible, comfortable, and professional on the job. 


Pharmaceutical Uniforms

Keep your employees safe and compliant with industry regulations and guidelines with pharmaceutical work wear. 


uniform rental service outerwear

Stay dry and comfortable with our line of work outerwear that will keep you covered during the harshest conditions Canada has to offer.

Casual Attire

Leave a lasting impression on your clients and customers with our line of professional attire for you and your team.

Why Northern Uniform Should Be Your First Choice

As the largest local and family-owned uniform rental provider in Ontario, we are able to offer our customers a higher level of customer service that national brands just can’t compete with. We guarantee on-time deliveries and quality products at a fair price. 

And when you work with us, you can always talk to a real person on our team, dedicated to upholding our values with every customer interaction.

Keep Your Promises

Our slogan is ”Keeping promises since 1901”. We’re proud of it, we live it, and we intend to maintain it. It’s what drives excellence within our company.

Respect Each Other

We treat our customers, vendors, and employees alike – with respect and appreciation. They all play a vital role in our success.

Do the Right Thing

Accurate invoicing, attentive customer service, complete deliveries, and prompt responses make us different. We do what’s right for our customers.

Tell the Unvarnished Truth

Mistakes happen. No one is perfect. We pride ourselves on being accountable and resolving problems; it’s one of the details that truly sets us apart.

Be Fair

We compete by offering exceptional service at a fair and honest price. Our customers expect it and we deliver – with No Surprises, Guaranteed.

What’s Included in a Uniform Rental Program?

At Northern Uniform it’s our goal to take the stress out of uniform rental management. Letting us do the work allows you to avoid the expense of buying uniforms, as well as the ongoing expenses to repair, assess, replace, wash, distribute and manage them.

A quality uniform rental program with Northern Uniform ensures that all garments and uniforms are in good repair to keep your employees looking good and staying protected.

In a typical uniform rental program, each employee receives 11 sets of uniform garments.

  • 5 sets being worn during the week
  • 5 sets being laundered during the week
  • 1 set they’re wearing

Each week, based on your company’s delivery schedule, we’ll pick up the soiled uniforms and return the cleaned garments from the previous week. At this time, your Northern Route Representative can provide many other services, like floor mats, paper supplies, soaps, air-care and more.

How Much Does a Uniform Rental Program Cost?

Admittedly, this question does not have a simple answer. This answer depends on the different types of garments, the number of employees you have, how many workdays you have and if there are any unique aspects of your program. 

However, uniform rental programs typically cost a few dollars a week per employee. Reach out to us today to learn more or request a quote.

We Offer Facility Service Rental Programs, Too!

Not only do we offer a variety of uniform garments to fit your individual needs, but we also offer custom facility service rental programs too! 

We offer a great selection of matsmopsmicrofiber products, and bathroom supplies that will keep your operation neat and clean.

Go Northern! Learn More

Family-owned and proudly Canadian, our staff is ready to help you at any time! Contact us today to talk with a member of our customer service or sales team and learn more about our specialized uniform rental programs.