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Pharmaceutical Uniforms

Pharmaceutical Uniform Lab Coats, Scrubs & Workwear

For pharmaceutical operations, employee safety and avoiding cross-contamination are top priorities. At Northern Uniform, we understand the specific regulations and compliance guidelines required of the pharmaceutical industry. That’s why we work with you to design a pharmaceutical garment program that fits your facility’s needs. 

You can trust Northern Uniform to consistently deliver hygienically clean uniforms that have been properly washed to industry standards to remove any trace of chemicals, dirt, or contaminants.

Pharmaceutical Uniform Garments

With a wide variety of lab coats and medical scrubs to choose from, we can help you create a uniform rental program that fits your operations needs and industry specifications.

pharmaceutical uniform Long Lab Coats

Long Lab Coats

Short Lab Coats

Short Lab Coats

pharmaceutical uniform Scrubs


Keep Your Facility Compliant Too!

When it comes to staying clean and compliant, uniforms aren’t the only thing to worry about. Your facility needs the same level of care. 

That’s why in addition to uniform rental programs, Northern Uniform also offers facility service programs to help keep your pharmaceutical facility spotless. From mats and towels to mats, we offer a facility service program that fits all of your needs. 

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