General FAQs

Your service representative will stop once each week on your scheduled delivery day. They will pick up the soiled uniforms and deliver the clean ones. During holiday weeks, your delivery day may change. In this case, a notice will be posted in advance. To learn more, watch our video.

Northern Uniform services the Northern Ontario to the Greater Toronto Area, from Timmins to Hamilton, Sault Ste. Marie to North Bay. Click here to see our service area map.

Northern Uniform offers uniforms for all types of workers, from the mines to the plant floors, from the office to the warehouse, and food processors. The best way to determine your uniform requirements for your facility is a 10-minute conversation with one of our sales representatives. Request more information here.

Absolutely! We would be happy to connect you with one of our sales representatives. A 10-minute chat will help determine the best products and services for your staff and facility. Call us today at 1-888-49NORTH (Northern Ontario) or 1-888-41NORTH (Southern Ontario). Or, fill out this online form. 

As the largest local and family-owned uniform rental provider in Ontario, we’re able to offer our customers a higher level of customer service that national brands just can’t compete with. We guarantee on-time deliveries and quality products at a fair price. 

Current Customer FAQs

If you didn’t receive all your uniforms this week, your garments are out of rotation. Missing the pick-up day last week means you will be short this week, because your uniforms are in the laundry.

With our Northern Uniform NU-Trak technology, we have a reliable record of when garments have entered and left our facilities. Contact our Customer Support Advisors to confirm if you can expect your missing uniforms on your next delivery.

Our Red Alert™ Tag system is the best way to communicate what needs to be fixed, so the uniforms are always up to standard. The Red Alert tag takes only moments to fill out, and can be found at the Northern Uniform Communication Board in your facility’s change room. 

Look for the Communication Board hanging by the drop chute for dirty garments. Simply fill out the required information about your uniform, select the option that best suits the repair needed, and mark the general area of the repair in the garment diagram on the Tag.  

If you need a hem or size change:

  • Write down the required measurements 
  • Indicate if the change needs to be made to all your uniforms or just the one you are tagging

Finally, attach the tag to the uniform in need of repair, and place the uniform into the designated Red Alert Drop Chute, or give it to the Service Specialist directly. We will take care of the rest!

For more information, click here to view our guide book.

When your uniforms are delivered, the Northern Uniform Service Specialist will communicate with your facility’s key contact person. If there is a locker system at your facility, you will also be assigned a locker.

This locker will be labelled with your name, and the key will be either given to the company contact on site, or will be left in the locker keyhole with a note instructing you where to find the uniforms.

When your uniforms are ready, we assign your locker and the key will be with your facility’s key contact person.

Would you like to add someone to your service? Increase the number of mats received? Add paper towel or soaps to your next delivery? 

We want to make it simple for you! Please contact our Customer Support Advisors, who have all the information available to make sure your request is right the first time.

Leave workplace dirt at workDo not take uniforms home. We’re laundry experts, so please leave it to us to clean and maintain your uniforms.

Ask your supervisor to inform us of the change. After we have updated your status:

  • If you quit the service: You have 14 days to turn in all your garments at no charge. 
  • If you transfer: Please bring the garments to the new location with you.

No. The RFID technology used by Northern Uniform is called “passive,” requiring an inactive chip. This is not a GPS tracker. It is only read by customized readers located in our production facility. The only information the chip stores is its own number. Please, do not remove the chips from the uniforms.