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Northern Uniform Blog | Everything you need to know about NU-Trak App
Everything You Need to Know About Our Nu-Trak App

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Thanks to advancements in RFID tag technology, we’ve launched NU-Trak, a full-service uniform management app for our customers! 

Now, all from one app, you can…

  • Request repairs, size changes, and replacements, 
  • receive text notifications when requested services are received,
  • send a message to request a management visit, and more.

Below, we explain everything you need to know about NU-Trak to help you make your decision between choosing uniform providers. 

Pioneering RFID Tag Technology in the Uniform Industry

Missing garments is by far one of the biggest complaints we hear about from uniform wearers. That’s why over 15 years ago, we created a system to help solve this problem with our RFID technology. 

One missing garment can lead to a myriad of other issues, such as employee safety, risking your company’s compliance record, and even profitability.

That’s why even though we’ve employed RFID technology for well over a decade, we knew that we needed to adapt to fit the needs of our current (and future) customers. 

Somewhere out there, there’s a worker without pants, but not at Northern Uniform. Read up on how we solve the problems before they start, and make it easier for you and your employees to do their jobs. 

Tired of missing garments? Reach out to a real person on our team to change that. 

How NU-Trak Works

To ensure that all items are properly assigned and accounted for, we attach radio frequency identification (RFID) chips in each and every garment.

Then, we scan the garments in during processing, so that we know exactly which garments return to our plant for service (and when). This allows us to identify the type and quantity of missing garments right away, so that we can identify potential losses before they become a cost to your business. 

As follows, these are the 4 stages to our RFID tag technology:

  1. Separated & Sorted
  2. Cleaned & Steamed
  3. Inspected & Repaired
  4. Sorted & Verified

rfid tag technology infographic

What’s In the App?

NU-Trak allows you and your employees to have convenient two-way communication with us right at your fingertips! 

The features include: 

  • Request repairs, size changes and replacements directly
  • Receive text notifications when requested services are received
  • Send a message to request a management visit
  • Request to speak to your Northern Uniform Route Service Representative during your next delivery
  • Easy click-to-call function to our Customer Service desk

Tired of missing garments? Reach out to a real person on our team to change that.

How to Use NU-Trak

Follow this quick guide for using the NU-Trak app, and read more in our User Guide

rfid tag technology step 1Menu Screen

Click which service you need. Repair/replace your garment, request size change, report missing garments or request that the driver sees you at the next delivery. Remember; you always have the option to click-to-call customer service, too. 

rfid tag technology step 2


Provide the details of the garment you need repaired or replaced. Then, fill out the information requested and submit the request. 

Upgrade/Size Change Request

Select which garments needs to be upgraded or any size changes and complete the request options on the screen. 

Note: all requests are subject to your company’s approval prior to fulfillment. 

Missing Garment

Report missing garments by selecting the garment type. You can also add your comments to provide any additional details that may help us locate your missing garment!

Driver See Me Next Delivery

You can request to speak to your Northern Uniform Route Service Representative during your next delivery. 

Provide your message to them and any details in the comment section, and send the request. 

Need more help? Contact us now or view our User Guide here.

Why Northern?

Clients who choose Northern Uniform Service for their uniform rental program have full access to our NU-Trak app. 

However, more than anything, they have full access to a local, yet reputable uniform provider whose main goal is to provide excellent service at a fair price.

Northern Uniform is unlike any other uniform provider in Canada. Go Northern today to see the Northern difference!