Mining Uniform Rental

Keep Your Employees Safe with Mining Uniform Garments

Miners need a quality, visible mining uniform program since they’re regularly exposed to harsh conditions – extreme temperatures, poor visibility, and more. 

At Northern Uniform, we understand the importance of maintaining garment visibility to meet the mining industry’s standard. We use a reflectometer to measure uniform retroreflectivity, and have ISO inspection procedures in place to ensure we’re sending safe, compliant uniforms to you and your team.

You’ll never have to worry about requesting replacements for non-compliant uniforms, or be responsible for monitoring the reflectivity of your uniforms. That’s on us when you Go Northern.  

Mining Garments

We know how extreme the conditions in the mine can get, which is why we offer the best and safest mining apparel in the market. We offer a wide assortment of garments to choose from to meet your specific needs.

Cotton Pants

Cotton Long-Sleeve Shirts

Cotton Long-Sleeve Shirts

mining uniform coveralls


Available in Flame Resistant, High Visibility, and Cool

Flame Resistant Work Pants mining uniform

Flame Resistant Work Pants

The P.A.S.S. Program

We believe that cost should not inhibit safety. This is what drove us to develop the P.A.S.S. Program.

Exclusive to Northern Uniform, it’s designed to not only streamline costs, but to also provide full support and documentation on the manufacture and ongoing maintenance of high-visibility rental uniforms.

Our P.A.S.S. Program…

  • Allows your company to implement high safety standards with no upfront cost
  • Drastically reduces the impact of adding employees as your company grows
  • Streamlines invoicing and allows for long-term budget forecasting
  • Includes installation, replacement and repair of all reflective striping
  • Encompasses all regulatory maintenance and documentation of High Visibility Garments

Interested in Going Northern for Your Mining Uniform Program?

As Northern Ontario’s leading mining uniform supplier since 1901, we understand the importance of maintaining garment visibility to meet CSA and Ontario mining industry standards.

When you go Northern, you can expect specific ISO inspection procedures and audit schedules, clean, safe and compliant uniforms, and reliable service for years to come. 

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Mining Uniform Checklist

High Visibility

Our high visibility garments combine compliant background fabrics with 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material for superior reflectivity.

Our BRIGHTstripe line of garments is fully compliant with CSAZ96-15 Class 3 Level 2, as well as Regulation 854 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Flame Resistance

Made with durable, high-quality fabrics, our non-flammable uniforms don’t just keep your workers safe, but also feature comfort and functionality. 

Out flame-resistant uniforms offer your employees protection from electrical arcs, flash fires, or even combustible dust explosions. 

Compliance with Industry Standards

We use a reflectometer to measure uniform retro-reflectivity, and have ISO inspection procedures in place to ensure we’re sending safe, compliant uniforms to you and your team.

Managing Your Mining Uniform Program Is Easy When You Go Northern

We know you’re busy running your business. Let Northern Uniform take the stress out of uniforms. 

With our Nu-Trak app, managing your uniform program has never been easier! Give your employees instant access to submit their own repair, replacement, or size change requests, see upcoming deliveries, and much more.

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