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Northern Uniform Blog | Requesting Uniform Repairs is easy with us
Requesting Repairs is Easy with Northern: Here’s How

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Here at Northern, we strive to make each customer’s experience as convenient and efficient as possible. We understand that, in the industries we serve, uniform wear and tear is inevitable. Nonetheless, it’s of utmost importance to maintain garments clean and compliant with safety regulations with an efficient, effective uniform repair process.

To ensure garments are always up to standard, we perform weekly inspections of every piece turned in for service. From missing buttons to broken zippers, our trained personnel identifies garments in need of repair and mends them as required.

In the case that a repair was missed, or if you have a special request for your garments, we have several methods available for requesting uniform repairs.

Our Convenient Red Alert Tag System

Our Red Alert Tag system is one of the easiest ways to communicate a repair request with us. The Red Alert tags can be found at the Northern Uniform Communication Board in your facility’s change room and take only moments to fill out. 

Look for the Communication Board by the drop chute for soiled garments. All you have to do is fill out a Tag with the required information about your uniform, select the option that best suits the repair needed, and mark the general area of the repair in the diagram on the Tag!

If you need a hem or size change:

  • Write down the indicated measurements 
  • Note if all of your uniforms need the change made or just the one tagged.

Lastly, attach the tag to the uniform in need of repair, and put the garment(s) into the designated Red Alert Drop Chute, or hand it to the Service Specialist directly. 

That’s it—we’ll take it from there!

Northern’s Unique NU-Trak App

At Northern, we fix broken zippers, buttons, seams, hems, and more! Customers who choose Northern for their uniform program have access to our web-based application, NU-Trak. This one-of-a-kind app gives uniform wearers quick and easy access to submit their repair or replacement requests.

We’re confident that NU-Trak is easy to use for all. However, if you have questions or concerns, you’ll also have instant access to direct communication right at your fingertips with a Northern representative (not a robot) who will guide you through the entire repair process. 

Do You Have a Damaged Uniform in Need of Repairs? Don’t Stress—Our Uniform Repair Process Makes It Simple

We want all of our customers to feel like they have constant access to repair request options that are easy to use and deliver the best results.

If your uniform needs a repair, we encourage you to dive into one of the options above. If you need further assistance, our Customer Support Advisors (CSAs) are more than happy to help.

Contact us today using one of our many convenient communication channels.