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How to Prevent Mining Accidents and Avoid Penalties

In the mining industry, health and safety risks are a major concern for a lot of companies, and, of course, fines are also a matter of significance from a business perspective. From every angle, it is of utmost importance that mining companies ensure they’re protecting their workers from danger at all times.

Below, we highlight some common safety concerns in this industry, ways you can help protect your employees from injury or illness, as well as actions to take in order to avoid any fines or penalties that can put your company in jeopardy.

Health & Safety Concerns in the Mining Industry

Mining companies are fined for safety violations more than you think. In fact, such stories have been making headlines, exposing companies for non-compliance to safety regulations.

One of the most vital steps to take for any mining company is making sure you’re up to date with all safety regulations you’re required to follow, such as those laid out by the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA). 

Failure to abide by these guidelines can have serious consequences and put your business at risk of not only hefty fines, but potentially a shut-down.

How to Prevent Accidents and Avoid Penalties

Health and safety in mining sites is one of the top priorities for all mining companies. Not only do they need to ensure that their employees are safe at work, but they also need to avoid incurring fines from government agencies. 

There are several ways that you can help your company stay compliant and up to date with health and safety regulations. We outline three key aspects below:

1. Safety Training

All employees should be given the opportunity for safety training, which includes information about how accidents happen and how to prevent them. This includes understanding how equipment works and how best practices should be followed on site.

2. Risk Assessment And Management (RAM)

RAM involves analyzing hazards at work sites so that risks are identified before they become problems. Then, it’s about taking steps either through engineering controls or administrative controls, such as policies, in order to reduce those risks as much as possible.

3. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Wearing all essential PPE is a must while performing any high-risk activities. This is because it plays an important role at keeping workers safe. PPE includes items, such as:

  • Hard hats or steel-toed boots if there’s potential danger from falling objects and 
  • Respirators if there’s risk of exposure from chemicals or dust particles
  • Goggles if there’s flying debris near where you’re working.

Trust Northern’s High-Quality Mining Uniforms for Safety

Additionally, to all required training and protective equipment, a high quality mining uniform plays a big role in keeping your mining workers safe on the job. With so many risks around them on a daily basis, you can never be too careful. 

At Northern Uniform, we understand the importance of safety in mining jobs. That’s why we’re proud to offer top-of-the-line uniforms.

  • We offer high visibility garments that combine compliant fabrics with reflective material for quality reflectivity. Our BRIGHTstripe line of garments is fully compliant with OHSA standards. 
  • We use a reflectometer to gauge uniform retro reflectivity, and have ISO inspections in place to ensure constant safety and compliance of our workwear.
  • Additionally, we carry fire resistant uniforms made with durable materials that ensure safety and comfort on top of functionality, making it a perfect solution for all mining needs.

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