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Answers to the Top 5 FAQs About Your Uniform Rental Program

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At Northern Uniform, we’re dedicated to ensuring our customers’ voices are heard and listened to. We value the relationships we’ve built over the past 120+ years, and the duty of effective customer service is one we do not take lightly. Our Keeping Promises Team answered the top 5 frequently asked questions from our customers:

1. What do some of these 3 letter fees mean on my invoice?

Those abbreviated codes refer to specific service charges. For example, DRC refers to “Damage Replacement Charge.” For a detailed breakdown of all the components on your statement, check out our Invoice Explanation PDF. We have structured this resource to provide you with the insights and knowledge needed to navigate through our invoicing process with accuracy.

2. When Will My New Uniform Order Arrive?

The delivery timeframe for new garments is influenced by sizing requirements and stock availability. Typically, the entire process, including ordering, chipping, cresting, and preparation, takes approximately 2-3 weeks on average. Rest assured; our dedicated service specialists will promptly notify you once your new garments are ready for delivery. Our Customer Support Team can check barcodes to see the expected delivery day.

3. What If the Sizing Seems Off for My New Uniforms?

Sizing discrepancies can occasionally happen when transitioning uniform suppliers. If the fit seems noticeably different from previous orders or samples you tried on, reach out to our customer support team with specific details about the sizing issue, and we’ll work to find a suitable solution.

4. What Does Your P.A.S.S. Food Safety Program Offer?

For high-risk food processing environments, we proudly offer our premier P.A.S.S. Program for unbeatable standards of hygiene and inventory tracking. The system rigorously confirms all garments stay free of dangerous allergens via extensive quality testing and verification. You can easily spot P.A.S.S. pieces by the distinct yellow-backed barcode tag. This, coupled with our RFID systems, enables tracking and managing of inventory like no one else can offer.

We verify that our P.A.S.S. Food garments are allergen-free by conducting random protein swabs of every food safety delivery.

5. Can I Update My Order Quantities?

We can easily accommodate changes to your recurring order quantities. Common tweaks include paper products, wipers, and other linens. Just connect with our Support Team to modify your custom rental plan.

Our Most Frequently Asked Questions, Answered

Still, have some questions after reading this blog? Take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions about our products and services from our customers. As always, you can reach out to our team at any time with any questions, concerns, or issues!