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What is the Best Uniform Package for Your Business?

Here at Northern, we make outfitting your team simple by providing customized uniform rental and facility service packages tailored to your unique industry needs. Our experts help you determine the optimal uniforms, supplies, and services to create a productive, safe, and clean professional environment.

NUS Service Packages


Food Service Solutions

Dress Your Entire Team for Success

From chef coats and pants to host attire such as aprons, we’ve got your restaurant staff covered. Uniforms play a vital role in the food service industry, not only for establishing a unified appearance but also for ensuring food safety and professionalism. Our kitchen uniforms are created from lightweight materials, offering both comfort and functionality to your staff. 

Ensuring a Clean and Welcoming Environment 

Maintaining cleanliness in your restaurant, especially in high-traffic areas like washrooms, is essential for the satisfaction of both guests and staff. Our washroom supplies and services guarantee you’re always well-stocked, freeing you from the hassle of monitoring and restocking. 

Anti-fatigue mats help support your staff who are on their feet for extended periods of time in the kitchen, while custom logo mats help welcome customers into your dining establishment and help keep dirt and debris at the door and outside of your restaurant. 

No dining establishment is complete without towels and mops. From soft tea towels to super-absorbent microfiber towels, we’ve got your kitchen needs covered. And to keep your dining floors spotless and safe, our wet mops ensure thorough cleaning, reducing the risk of slips and falls in your restaurant.


Prioritizing Safety in Industrial Settings 

Durable Workwear

In industrial settings, safety is essential, and our range of workwear reflects that priority. Our durable flame-resistant and high-visibility uniforms are designed to provide maximum protection against potential hazards. When it comes it outfitting our hard-working mining community, look no further than our uniforms – crafted from high-quality fabrics and include coveralls, shirts, pants, and bibs. Our workwear provides both durability and safety without compromising on comfort. 

Tough on Grime Facility Services 

Keeping industrial facilities clean and safe requires strong solutions. Our durable shop towels are perfect for tackling industrial workplace grime. Implementing a towel rental program takes the worry out of constant laundering and promises fresh towels whenever needed. Additionally, our waterhog mats are designed to minimize slip risks by trapping dirt and liquids, contributing to a safer working environment for your team. 

Convenient Corporate Attire

Elevate Your Professional Image

Create a polished and cohesive look among your team with our corporate attire. From crisp dress shirts to tailored work pants, we ensure your staff looks and feels their best. With our uniform rental management, we take care of everything from repairs and replacements to laundry and distribution, allowing your employees to focus on what matters most – your business.

Maintain a Pristine Workplace 

A well-maintained workplace speaks volumes about a business. Our range of facility supplies is designed to keep your establishment clean and professional. Dust control mats help keep a clear and welcoming environment, while our microfiber mops are designed to remove bacteria, dirt, dust and debris from floors and other surfaces, leaving your space sparkling.

Outfit Your Business with Northern 

Wondering what Northern can do for your industry? With our 120+ years of experience in the industry and dedication to excellence, we’ll help you achieve a workplace environment that inspires confidence and success. Reach out today and we’ll work together to create the perfect package for you.