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food processing uniform program
Nourishing Productivity: Inside Our Innovative P.A.S.S. | Food Program

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Here at Northern, we work tirelessly to make sure our rental process runs smoothly and delivers the best results for every one of our customers. That’s why we’ve implemented several strategies to adjust our uniform rental programs to our customer’s individual needs. 

Our Protective Apparel Safety System​ (P.A.S.S.) | Food Program is just one of the many systems that has had an impact in the success of our superior operation. Below, we explain how our P.A.S.S. | Food Program works and how it benefits our food processing uniform program customers.

What is Northern Uniform’s P.A.S.S. | Food Program?

Unique to Northern Uniform, our P.A.S.S. | Food Program is a verified, traceable, fully documented, and third-party audited process. This program was created to provide full documentation for the handling and servicing of our food safety garments.

Our ISO 22000:2018 registration covers services provided under this program—which is a remarkable enhancement to a standard uniform service.

How Does it Work?

All the garments of a P.A.S.S. | Food uniform program are distinguished by a yellow-backed barcode. 

This classifies each garment as a Food Safety item, allowing us to recognize them immediately and handle the garment accordingly, as laid out by our ISO 22000 procedures. 

Additionally,  we verify that our P.A.S.S. | Food garments are allergen free by conducting random protein swabs of every food safety delivery.

Our Step-By-Step Process

1. Sorting and Handling Process

Once they arrive at our facility for laundering, garments are separated and prepared for service. Whites go with whites; darks go with darks. 

Food safety garments, identified by their yellow-backed barcode, are processed separately from non-food garments at every step of the laundering process, diminishing any risk of cross-contamination.

2. Swabbing for Allergens 

Once food safety garments come out of the wash and the drying tunnel, a protein swab test is performed. Our goal is to have zero failures, guaranteeing that all food safety garments are allergen free.

3. Transporting

After being classified by the customer and passing all testing, the uniforms are placed into blue-bins, which have been Virox cleaned and bag-lined. Then, these bins are closed and prepared for delivery. 

4. Inspection & Communication

Before the garments are delivered, the bins are examined for any punctures in the plastic or holes in the bags, where contamination could have come in contact with the garments.

In the rare instance that there are, your Service Specialist contacts the plant right away. But don’t worry; we have processes in place to deliver your garments on time, without delay — every time.

5. Transported & Inspected

The bins are then loaded onto the trucks and delivered to the customer. Prior to entering the customer’s location for delivery, the bins are examined again to make sure the bags haven’t been compromised.

6. Delivered & Protected

Garments are placed into lockers by your Service Specialist, fully equipped with all required PPE at every step of the delivery. 

7. Recording of All Deliveries

A Food Safety Binder is at all locations at all times, holding all required certificates and delivery logs for any auditors to review, certifying your garments are well taken care of.

We document every step of the laundering process as well, following our ISO 22000 certification, from the plant right up until we deliver your garments!

Go Northern; Learn More About Our Food Safety Uniform Rental Program

Our team of experts can help your business thrive with our state-of-the-art uniform program. Additionally, we’ll work hard to make sure you have an outstanding customer service experience. 

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