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how to reduce workers compensation claims
How Floor Mats Can Reduce Workers’ Compensation Claims and Increase Employee Productivity

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Want to know how to reduce workers’ compensation claims? Injuries in the workplace aren’t always associated with a specific incident. Musculoskeletal injuries occur over time and are a rising concern. 

Being prepared to deal with all types of workplace injuries is important, but it’s even more beneficial to know how to prevent them—and implementing a floor mat rental program is a great place to start.

Below, we discuss the benefits of floor mats in the workplace, how they prevent injury, and how they can even increase the productivity of your employees.

The Reality of Injuries in the Workplace: How to Reduce Workers’ Compensation Claims

Making sure your workplace is as safe and hazard-free as possible is vital. Believe it or not, approximately 200,000 workplace injuries occur per year in Canada, with at least 42,000 due to slip and fall incidents. 

These injuries often result in worker compensation claims by employees, which as you know, can be costly to a small business.

Luckily, there’s an unsung hero in your workplace that can solve all these issues before they even start. 

The 4 Key Ways Floor Mats Can Help Reduce Workplace Injuries

Having effective floor mats in your workplace means much more than just placing mats haphazardly around the space of your building. All businesses have unique mat needs, as they require different materials, textures and sizes. 

Here are just a few ways that mats improve the safety and productivity of a workplace.

1. Mats Provide Safe Walking on Slippery Areas

Mats add a layer of safety to any facility. A well-made floor mat will increase friction of the floor to give people a safer walking path. 

If the mat is absorbent, it’ll also stop dirt and water from being tracked into the building, making the floors less slippery.

2. Mats Reduce Fatigue (and Absenteeism)

Anti-fatigue mats ease the stress and strain on your joints and muscles. This puts less pressure on your feet and legs. As a result, your muscles and veins can relax, and your blood circulation will improve.

Furthermore, providing more comfortable work conditions for your employees will reduce absenteeism and improve productivity!

3. Mats Improves Visibility

Poorly lit areas in a workplace can lead to workers tripping or veering onto a slippery floor. If lighting is an issue, floor mats can help guide workers to where they are able to walk safely. 

Stairs are an especially important factor to consider; all it takes is one slippery step to lead to a dangerous fall and a bad injury.

A floor mat before and after a staircase for employees to wipe off their feet can greatly reduce staircase-related slip and fall accidents.

4. Mats Control Dust and Dander Build-Up

Aside from keeping the floors clean, floor mats are designed to capture and hold dust and dander before they become an airborne hazard. This is easily overlooked, but can be significant with several employees walking around every day. 

Floor mats will catch these dirty elements before they can cause allergen issues, create a fire hazard, or clog your expensive computer equipment, causing it to overheat and fail prematurely.

Reduce Fatigue and Increase Productivity with a Commercial Floor Mat Program

A commercial floor mat rental program can be the saving grace for your workplace. Mats keep your floors clean and dry, your air cleaner, build your brand image, increase productivity, and most importantly, promote safety.

Don’t let your employees and vendors get injured because of slippery and unkempt floors—our mats will improve the safety of your workplace.

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