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The Ultimate Warehouse Spring Cleaning Checklist

Believe it or not, spring cleaning isn’t just for homeowners. With spring now here, it’s now time to do some heavy cleaning throughout your warehouse.

A clean workplace can help motivate your employees and bring potential new customers inside. It also eliminates the risk of sickness among your staff leading to absenteeism or worker’s compensation claims. 

It’s worth noting that “cleaning” doesn’t just mean mopping and dusting. It also refers to going through some non-physical processes to freshen up your business and keep things organized.

Below is our comprehensive checklist for your business’ 2023 spring cleaning process.

Clean The Physical Spaces of Your Business

Deep cleaning the areas around your warehouse is important for maintaining a tidy workplace. It’s important to be efficient and hit all areas to avoid build-up or dirt that can create a messy or even dangerous environment. 

While the cold and flu season may be almost over, did you know that dust, grime and other allergens can lead to health issues that lower workplace morale, reduce productivity and cause absenteeism?

Deep cleaning the areas around your warehouse can eliminate the risk of these problems. In fact, proper housekeeping is a CCOHS Regulation. Having poor cleaning habits in your workplace can actually put your business at risk for heavy fines, or even a shut-down.

Here are a few tips:

1. Clean Spills, Leakages, Litter, And Other Debris Off the Floor

Dirty and slippery floors can create risk for slip and fall accidents. Be sure to do a deep cleaning of your plant floor to eliminate risks of injury for your employees. 

Clean floors are vital to ensure that your employees stay safe to avoid workers’ compensation claims.

2. Dust Light Fixtures and Other High Surfaces

Constant dust circulation in the air can get employees sick– raising chances for absenteeism and workers’ comp claims.

3. Wipe Down Equipment, Door Handles, Shelves, Trolleys, Etc. 

An overgrowth of bacteria on surfaces that are often touched is another factor that can put your workers at risk of illness.

Check Your Compliance with Industry Standards

This is a great time to make sure your business meets regulatory compliance and standards requirements. It’s especially important as it ensures that your business runs smoothly and doesn’t run into trouble in the future. 

Here are five ways to do so:

1. Stay on Top of Regulatory Changes

Make sure you’re proactive about checking for updated standards and regulations. Many companies are unlikely to get many alerts, but the time spent on regulatory changes make a huge difference. 

There are lots of resources for making sure you’re in the loop. 

2. Make Sure Your Employees Understand the Importance of Compliance

It’s hard to take compliance seriously if you don’t understand what regulations you’re complying with. Train your employees and explain the regulations that must be followed, and how it affects your employees’ jobs, including the consequences for avoiding compliance.

3. Designate A Compliance Champion

Compliance is everyone’s responsibility, but there should be one main person who is in charge of compliance. 

If your organization doesn’t have a compliance officer or compliance team already, designate someone to monitor compliance. They can check for updates to regulations and standards, and keep the rest of your organization informed.

4. Build a Bridge Between Your Security Team and Legal

It’s important that your company’s legal professionals collaborate with your compliance officer or security team to review incidents, public disclosures, policies, and risks. 

A strong relationship with the legal department can help keep your company in compliance.

5. Constantly Monitor for Compliance With The Right Tools

It’s not enough to use tools like checklists to monitor for compliance. Automated tools allow you to monitor compliance and give you continuous assurance that your organization is in compliance with regulations and standards. 

Therefore, minimizing the cyber risks that may lead to a data breach, and minimizing the chance that human error may lead to a gap in compliance.

Clean Up Your Business This Spring

Let us help you with your 2023 spring cleaning process. 

Our facility services like rental programs for mats, mops, towels, and restroom supplies can refresh the life and operation of your business to get it in pristine condition. Reach out to a real person today to start the conversation!