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Northern Uniform Blog | WHY NORTHERN Uniforms across industry lines
Why Northern? Uniforms Across Industry Lines

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As a trusted Canadian company for well over a century, it’s clear that making sure our customers are happy with the service we provide is important to us. We work with you directly to make sure you’re satisfied with your experience. 

Northern Uniform offers customized uniform rental programs to fit exactly what your business needs. From food safety, to mining, and more, we offer a wide range of proven uniform options. 

Serving a Variety of Industries

If you work, we’ve got a uniform for you. With over 120 years of experience, we’ve serviced more industries than you can shake a stick at, including: 


Industrial workwear including coveralls, shop coats, and more. Durable, high-quality industrial workwear that not only keeps your employees safe, but keeps them happy and boosts their morale too. All compliant with required safety standards.

Learn more about Industrial Uniform Garment Rentals with Northern Uniform.

Food Processing

Keep your employees safe and clean and reduce the risk of cross contamination with our Food Safety Uniform Programs. 

Northern Uniform is ISO22000:2018 Food Safety Management System certified, ensuring the safest uniform rental service available. 

See what we have to offer for Food Safety Garments


Whether its packaging, delivering, or working in the warehouse, Northern Uniform offers your employees workwear that is flexible, comfortable and professional. 

Northern Uniform offers Logistics Uniform Garments including insulated parkas, dress pants and shirts, and more. See what we have to offer on our Logistics Uniforms webpage.


At Northern Uniform, we understand the specific regulations and compliance guidelines required of the pharmaceutical industry. 

You can trust us to consistently deliver hygienically clean uniforms that have been properly washed to industry standards, free of chemicals, dirt, and contaminants. 

See our Pharmaceutical Uniform Garments here. 

High Visibility 

Stay safe and seen on the job with our superior reflective materials, and compliant fabrics. 

Our high visibility garments combine compliant background fabrics with 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material for superior reflectivity. Our BRIGHTstripe line of garments is fully compliant with CSAZ96-15 Class 3 Level 2, as well as Regulation 854 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Want more information about our High Visibility Workwear? See our website and catalog here

Flame Resistant 

Northern Uniform offers flame resistant high visibility shirts, pants, coveralls, and outerwear that keep your workers safe, but also feature comfort and functionality. 

Check out our Flame Resistant Garments

Branded Outerwear

Keep your employees dry and covered during the harshest conditions Canada has to offer. Whether it’s rain or snow, cool or cold. Stay dry and warm with Branded Work Outerwear. 

From functional insulated jackets to high visibility safety coveralls and parkas, we offer a variety of outerwear to outfit all of your employees as they work outdoors. See our Branded Outerwear here.

Corporate Casual Attire

Leave a lasting impression on your clients and customers with our line of professional attire for you and your team. 

Learn more about how to promote your brand image, convey authority, and promise quality service through a Corporate Casual Attire Rental Program with Northern Uniform. 


At Northern Uniform, we understand the importance of maintaining garment visibility to meet the mining industry’s standard. We use a reflectometer to measure uniform retroreflectivity, and have ISO inspection procedures in place to ensure we’re sending safe, compliant uniforms to you and your team.

See our Mining Garments webpage to learn more about how Northern Uniform can work with you. 

P.A.S.S. Program 

Exclusive to Northern Uniform, our P.A.S.S. Program is not only designed to streamline costs, but also to provide full support and documentation on the manufacture and ongoing maintenance of high-visibility rental uniforms. 

The benefits of our P.A.S.S. Program include: 

  • Allows your company to implement high safety standards with no upfront cost
  • Drastically reduces the impact of adding employees as your company grows
  • Streamlines invoicing and allows for long-term budget forecasting
  • Includes installation, replacement and repair of all reflective striping
  • Encompasses all regulatory maintenance and documentation of High Visibility Garments

To learn more about our P.A.S.S. Program, click here.

Trust Us With Your Uniform Rental

Northern Uniform’s rental programs cover a variety of industries, while also maintaining safety and compliance guidelines. We work with you to best fit what will meet your business needs, while also making sure we track, clean, and deliver above expectations.

Go Northern and contact us today!