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northern uniform p.a.s.s. industrial program
Northern Uniform’s P.A.S.S. | Industrial Program Explained

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Here at Northern Uniform, we pride ourselves on our long history of providing our customers with the safest uniform rental program available.

We also realize that this can be a huge upfront expense for businesses. That is why we developed the P.A.S.S. | Industrial Program, exclusive to Northern Uniform. 

What is P.A.S.S.?

The Protective Apparel Safety System (P.A.S.S.) Program assists your company in maintaining the required safety standards and reduces the upfront costs associated with reflective garments.

The P.A.S.S. | Industrial Program includes:

  • CSA Z96-09 Class 3 level 2 rental garments, Industry leading standard for visibility
  • Validated and Verified ISO approved care and maintenance system
  • P.A.S.S. binder, includes all relevant and up-to-date supportive documentation
  • 24/7 emergency support
  • Peace of mind in the event of scheduled audits or unforeseeable events

To best benefit your business, the P.A.S.S. Program:

  • Allows your company to implement and maintain high safety standards with no upfront or looming reflective striping costs
  • Drastically reduces the impact of adding employees as your company grows
  • Streamlines invoicing and allows for long-term budget forecasting
  • Includes installation, replacement and repair of all reflective striping
  • Encompasses all proper care and maintenance of High-Visibility garments

Our Investment Towards RFID Technology and Safety

Integrating technology with proven systems can make them exponentially more effective. Northern Uniform has been using Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) chips to manage inventory for over 15 years. 

This is the foundation of our control systems, which provide the data to help make predictive decisions about repair/replacement of garments and reflective striping through rental cycles.  

Applying advancements in technology is OUR investment to keep YOUR costs down. It’s all a part of being fair and doing the right thing for our customers.

How Do We Ensure High Safety Standards for Your Company’s Uniforms?

Being registered to ISO 9001 since 1999, we’re dedicated to our customers and their safety, no matter what industry. Maintaining this registration for more than 20 years illustrates our level of commitment to continual improvement by collaborating with our vendors. 

Additionally, we invest in our employees to understand their role in your safety program by:

  • Scheduling and documenting on-going training to meet your site-specific requirements
  • Ensuring that only qualified service specialists carry out your delivery

All of this is an integral part of our ISO 9001:2015 audit and our company values.

GO Northern with the P.A.S.S. | Industrial Program Today

Here at Northern, we believe that cost should never inhibit safety. Talk to a real person on our team and learn how the P.A.S.S. | Industrial Program can help protect your employees and business today!