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northern uniform company story
Our Company Story: 100+ Years in the Making

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Despite all of the new and exciting things we’ve been doing here at Northern, we still remember where, why, and how we started. 

The story of Northern Uniform as not only a proudly Canadian company, but as a family, drives our team each and every day to deliver the best results for our customers.  It’s been that way since we started, dating all the way back to 1901.

Where We Began

Since 1901, three generations of the Bisset family have served the retail and commercial laundry market in Ontario. However, James Robert (JR) Bisset chose to focus on the uniform and mat rental needs of customers in 1972, when he incorporated Northern Uniform.

To this day, we remain family owned and operated in Ontario, which is something we aren’t planning on changing anytime soon.

What Are Our 5 Core Values?

It takes both commitment and the willingness to adapt and learn from mistakes for a company to successfully operate for over 100 years. While trends come and go, our core values remain the same.

1. Keep Your Promises

Our slogan isn’t, “keeping promises since 1901” for no reason. We’re proud to live it and maintain it every day when we talk to both new and tenured customers.

This is why we have thousands of customers and counting; some that have been our customers (and friends) for many decades now!

2. Be Fair

We know your uniform and mat rental needs come at a price. This is where we differ from our competitors; we offer exceptional service at a fair, transparent and honest price.

Our customers expect it, and we deliver it – with “No Surprises, Guaranteed.” 

3. Tell the Unvarnished Truth

Sometimes the truth hurts, but accepting, learning and adapting is the best way to continually improve. We pride ourselves on problem resolution.

Being ISO registered means being accountable for those resolutions, whether it’s a dark day or all sunshine and roses.

4. Respect Each Other

Respect is vital not only inside the workplace, but also in doing business with our customers and vendors alike. 

Everyone plays a vital role in our success, and we wouldn’t be here without striving to reach milestones, learning lessons along the way to each and every one of them.

5. Do the Right Thing

No one is perfect, and with a history as long as ours, mistakes are inevitable.  The difference with us and that is when an error occurs, we own it and fix it so it doesn’t happen again.  

Providing accurate invoicing, attentive customer service, complete deliveries, and prompt responses is what’s right for our customers, because we know that our work is paramount to the success and operation of their business.

Dedicated (and Certified) to Serve Your Business

Our hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed.  Northern Uniform is the first uniform provider in North America to successfully attain (and maintain) the ISO 22000:2018 Food Safety Management System certification.  Additionally, we’re registered to ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems certification. 

Lastly, unlike large uniform providers, we provide access to our web-based application, NU-trak, for all of our customers. NU-Trak is not about invoicing – it’s about providing customers and wearers quick access to find out everything from delivery schedules to individual uniform information, and everything in between.

A Uniform Provider You Can Rely On

Many things have changed since 1901. However, our promise hasn’t.

If you’re ready to get to work, or simply want to learn more about us, you can contact us now to get started.  Be a part of our company story and Go Northern today!