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It’s Time to Consider Your Office Employees’ Workwear

Dress codes in the workplace allow employers to set expectations about the image the company wants to portray. A dress code can be formal, informal, or workwear provided by corporate uniform suppliers. 

While employees are usually the “face” of the company, it’s important to establish a dress and appearance policy that allows for both comfort and a sense of professionalism. Learn more how uniform workwear can positively impact a corporate workplace!

Importance of Dress Codes in a Corporate Workplace

Not only does a dress code provide a uniformity aspect for a company, but it also can create a lasting impression on clients as well. Over the years, dress codes in Canada have been used to fulfill company branding; as well as overall positive company image. 

Nowadays, businesses can reach comfort, safety, professionalism, and image by implementing a modern company dress code. 

Different Types of Dress Codes

Considering the type of dress code for your company is a vital decision in representing your company’s brand and image. 

Below is a list of different types of dress codes explained: 

Formal Business Attire

Typically, normal business attire applies to law, banking, finance, and accounting firms. The image this type of dress represents is professional and business-like. 

Therefore, attire worn includes, but is not limited to: full-matching business suit, including jacket and dress pants, or dress skirt. 

Business Casual

More creative industries tend to lean towards a business casual dress code. This is a relaxed form of formal business attire, which differs from company-to-company. 

Some examples of business casual attire include: khakis, polos, sweaters, and dark jeans without holes. 

Casual Fridays

Additionally, more and more companies host casual Fridays, where there is typically no client or customer contact.

Examples of casual Friday workwear attire are blue jeans, T-shirts, and athletic shoes.

Uniforms In The Workplace

Uniforms are required by law for industries such as healthcare, hospitality, and law enforcement, for safety and branding. 

However, uniforms in corporate or office environments provide a cohesive brand image and work environment. 

Several benefits of uniforms include:

  • Standardized Colors: Colors and types of garments worn are cohesive throughout the company such as black pants and a white shirt.
  • Branding: Branding presents a specific image to clients and customers. Uniforms can provide a good image and advertising for the business.
  • Appropriateness: Employees have a smaller chance of misinterpreting company dress code guidelines and uniforms can help provide appropriate attire for work.
  • Productivity: All employees are perceived as equal when wearing the same uniform and can promote more productivity in the office as well as focusing less on what others are wearing.  

Consider Northern Uniform Service For Your Office Employees

Corporate casual attire is in high demand, by both employees and customers across the board. In fact, almost 60% of consumers and business-to-business respondents prefer uniforms since they promote a consistent brand image, convey authority, and promise quality service. 

Leave a lasting impression on your clients and customers with a professional corporate uniform program from Northern Uniform Service designed for you and your entire team. 

With a wide variety of corporate casual garments to choose from, we have everything from dress shirts and pants to golf shirts and polos that are customized to fit your company’s brand image.

Northern Uniform is unlike any other corporate uniform suppliers in Canada. See the Northern difference and Go Northern today for all of your corporate attire needs. Contact us!