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5+ Ways Uniforms Can Benefit Your Business

When you’re going through a uniform rental company, you may think that uniforms are just there to identify your employees and your business. While that’s certainly one benefit, there are several other ways uniforms can benefit your business. 

Below, we outline the 5+ versatile ways a uniform rental program can benefit your business. 

1. Saves Employees Money and Conflict

When you use a local uniform rental program, you in turn save money for your employees. Additionally, you avoid any conflict you may experience from dealing with a national provider. 

Buying new uniforms every time there is a button broken or a tear is extremely costly to your business. Under Northern Uniform’s uniform rental program, we will make repairs to your uniforms when you return them. 

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2. Promotes Professionalism

Having a clean, branded uniform helps attract (and retain) customers. When your employees are dressed for success, whether they’re in the office or out in the field, people will know your business and have a positive impression of it.

3. Easy Company Branding

When your employees are in non-branded uniforms, your customers aren’t able to tell the difference between employees and other customers. 

However, when they’re wearing uniforms with your business’ logo and colors, your customers will become increasingly aware of your business and your mission.

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4. Employee Safety

Uniform safety has a variety of meanings – from making sure that your uniforms aren’t contaminated from outside sources, to ensuring all employees are safe and accounted for. 

We understand that some industries require an extra level of protection, which is why we offer flame-resistant and high-visibility uniforms to ensure employee safety. 

5. Outsourcing Laundry

The average washing machine is not equipped to handle the washing needs of a soiled uniform. Similarly, supermarket detergents won’t work on the oil and chemicals that come with food production, medical and industrial work.

At Northern Uniforms, our state-of-the-art washing machines and detergents are made to wash out the toughest stains. This way, you can ensure your uniforms are laundered in a timely, responsive manner that also removes potentially harmful bacteria and viruses.

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6. Instills Company Pride

Branded uniforms will instill a sense of camaraderie among your employees. When your employees have pride in their uniforms (and company), it trickles down to high customer satisfaction, more referrals, and less turnover. 

It’s simple; high employee morale leads to a successful business for years to come.

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