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uniform program management
Managing Your Uniform Program Is Our Job, Not Yours!

With the summer season here, your company should worry less about uniform program management and more about relaxing as much as possible. 

Let us take the stress off your business when it comes to managing your uniform rental or facility services program—we have all of the resources and tools to make these programs easy, efficient and affordable.

From our P.A.S.S Program, NU-Trak App, and more, managing your uniform rental program is our priority, so your business can focus on what it does best.

Exclusive to Northern Uniform: The P.A.S.S. Program

Your input is critical; however, it’s ultimately our job to manage your uniform program, and our P.A.S.S Program is a key component of that process. Exclusive to Northern, the Protective Apparel Safety System (P.A.S.S.) Program reduces costs and keeps your employees safe, leaving you stress-free.

Let our P.AS.S. Program assist your company in maintaining the required safety standards and reduce the upfront cost associated with reflective garments. Read more about The P.A.S.S Program’s benefits, as well as our uniform-tracking technology. 

Tracking Uniforms Has Never Been Easier With Our NU-Trak App

Somewhere out there, there’s a worker without pants—but not with Northern Uniform managing your uniform program.

Our NU-trak app gives uniform wearers instant access to submit their own size change, repair or replacement requests, see upcoming deliveries, and so much more. 

Reduce unnecessary stress and learn more about our easy and convenient app when you Go Northern.

The Values That Drive Us Forward

At Northern Uniform, our values are used every day by our management team in interactions with employees and customers alike:

Keep Your Promises

“Keeping promises since 1901.” That’s our slogan— we’re proud of it, we live it, and intend to maintain it. It’s what drives excellence within our company.

Be Fair

We offer exceptional service at a fair and honest price. Our customers expect it and we deliver—with no surprises, guaranteed.

Tell the Unvarnished Truth

Sometimes the truth hurts, but accepting, learning and adapting is the best way to continually improve. We pride ourselves on problem resolution.

Being ISO registered means being accountable for those resolutions, whether it’s a dark day or all sunshine and roses.

Respect Each Other

Our customers, vendors and employees all play a vital role in our success. That’s why we always treat each and every one of them with respect and appreciation.

Do the Right Thing

No one is perfect, and with a history as long as ours, mistakes are inevitable. The difference with us and that is when an error occurs, we own it and fix it so it doesn’t happen again.  

Providing accurate invoicing, attentive customer service, complete deliveries, and prompt responses is what’s right for our customers, because we know that our work is paramount to the success and operation of their business.

Along with our values, our mission is to consistently supply complete, on-time delivery of quality products at a fair price. As Ontario’s favorite uniform rental supplier, you can trust us to keep our promises, tell the unvarnished truth, do the right thing, and much more. 

Go Northern To Take The Stress Off Uniform Program Management

“I would like to thank Northern Uniform and their staff for going above and beyond to find an item that one of my staff members had lost. Would recommend them for their work and great service!” – Corey Lecuyer

Our customers trust us to manage their uniform programs from beginning to end. Let us take the stress off your business today, Go Northern today!