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hi vis apparel vs enhanced visibility
Enhanced Visibility vs. High Visibility Garments: What’s the Difference?

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Hi vis apparel is essential for any mining, construction, or manufacturing worker. These garments, which are reflective and often flame-resistant, come in a variety of pants, coveralls, shirts, bibs, and more. Depending on the industry, the regulations and standards may vary. 

Below, we outline the key differences between enhanced visibility and hi vis garments—as well as the importance of meeting your industry’s standards and regulations with each garment.

Enhanced Visibility Apparel

Enhanced visibility workwear is any garment that retrofits with retro-reflective tape. Typically, this tape is placed in any layout and any size. This is because enhanced visibility garments are categorized as anything that isn’t up to the industry health and safety regulations/standards. 

Enhanced visibility garments are for workers in lower risk areas, such as the oil and gas industry, but that still want extra visibility. 

Hi Vis Apparel

Hi vis workwear is categorized by all garments that meet industry health and safety standards and regulations. The mining, electrical, and chemical industries; among others, typically require these types of uniforms. 

While every industry has their own standards and regulations, our hi vis garments combine compliant background fabrics with 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material for superior reflectivity. 

Additionally, our BRIGHTstripe line of garments is fully compliant with CSAZ96-15 Class 3 Level 2, as well as Regulation 854 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

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RFID Technology for Hi Vis Apparel

When you partner with us, we equip every single one of your hi vis garments with a radio frequency identification (RFID) chip. RFID technology allows us to track and account for every returned garment to launder.

This RFID technology also comes in handy if a garment does go missing. This helps us immediately solve the issue, before it becomes a loss for your business. 

For more details on RFID technology and our NU-trak app, click here. 

Does Your Company Meet Industry Standards? 

While both enhanced visibility and high visibility garments are necessary, it’s crucial to follow your industry’s safety standards. If hi vis uniforms are standard in your industry, we offer a wide assortment of garments to choose from to meet your business’ and workers’ specific needs.

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