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Are You Protecting Your Floors This Winter?

Winter can be messy. Tracking snow and salt onto the floors of your business can be a hassle to clean up, and can even ruin your floors. Floor protection mats or better yet, a commercial floor mat rental program, could be a saving grace you’ll be thankful for. 

Below, we highlight some of the benefits of a floor mat rental program for your business. 

Increased Workplace Safety

Workplaces can be full of slip and trip hazards; especially in the winter time when shoes track in the winter elements. Invest in a floor mat service that controls dust, traps dirt and water, cushions feet, reduces fatigue, and more. 

A commercial mat rental program promotes safety to lessen your worry about your employees, customers, and visitors slipping and falling in your business—potentially leading to workers’ compensation or other legal claims. 

Brand Recognition and Promotion

With customized mats, you can display your company’s colors, branding, and logos in a variety of places. This can include entryways, on walkways, down hallways around your facility, and more.

This is a great, easy way to bring some personalization and character into your business while promoting your brand.

Regular Mat Washing

We understand that running a business is a lot of work. That’s why we design a customized program that fits your specific needs. We also seamlessly maintain it for you; week after week. 

You can count on us to regularly collect, clean, repair, replace, and deliver your mats on-time and without hassle! 

Protect Your Floors This Winter and Beyond with Floor Protection Mats

Don’t let winter hinder your business’ safety. Connect with a Northern representative to learn your options for a mat rental program today!