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Stay With Northern Uniform in 2023 (and Beyond!)

Want to switch uniform providers for your business?

What makes Northern Uniform great is that our service doesn’t make noise. We work hard to make sure your uniforms are delivered on time, properly cleaned, and thoroughly maintained. When there is a repair or change, we take care of it. That’s how it should be.

But every now and again, we like to remind the world that a lot goes into doing our business right. It’s the reason why customers stay with us throughout the years. Keep reading to learn the top advantages customers gain from being a Northern Uniform customer. 

We Are Fair and Honest 

Since we’ve been around for 100 years, we adapt and learn as we go, and we have values that we live by every day.

We take pride in our exceptional service at a fair and honest price, and we always meet our customer’s expectations with no surprise invoices or charges. You can trust us and rest assured we’re taking care of you while clearly communicating what we’re doing to help you.

“Keeping promises since 1901.” That’s our slogan; we’re proud of this, and intend to maintain it—no matter what. It’s what makes us great, and what motivates us to work hard day-after-day, and year-over-year. It’s how we build trust with our customers.

We Do The Right Thing

No matter what, we always treat our customers, vendors and employees with respect and appreciation. Without them, we would not be where we are today. This is what inspires us to serve our customers.

Everybody makes mistakes, and no one can be perfect. We take pride in our work, while also owning up to any mistakes and learning from them. We’ll never make the same mistake twice! We are true problem solvers.

Three Generations of Dedicated Service

Since 1901, three generations of the Bisset family have served the Ontario retail and commercial laundry market. James Robert (JR) Bisset chose to focus on the uniform rental and mat rental needs of customers, and incorporated Northern Uniform Service in 1972.

The family-owned and operated company dynamic that we have in the industry guarantees higher customer service levels, reliable communication, and employees with shared values. In fact, family-owned businesses are proven to perform better on important business metrics, such as longevity, according to a study from the Family Enterprise Xchange Foundation (FEX-F) and the Conference Board of Canada.

This synergy translates into competitive—if not lower—costs for our customers.

Uniforms And Supplies You Can Count On

We take care of things so you don’t have to think about it. Your employees can do their jobs, and you have a better working environment, which also leads to a more positive culture for your employees.

When you invest in creating a healthy, productive and stress free work environment, you are better equipped to serve your customers. Additionally, our uniforms are compliant with industry regulations and guidelines for all the fields we provide workwear for, such as the mining and construction industries. 

Our customizable facility services programs ensure that we maintain your stock for you, so your business never has to worry about having too much or too little. Just leave it to us!

Let Us Continue To Serve Your Business

We want to continue to provide you and your business with the best possible service. As your businesses’ needs change and adapt, we promise to do the same. 

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