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switching uniform providers
Switching Uniform Providers is Hassle Free When You Go Northern

Is your company facing any of the following issues with your current uniform rental provider?

  • Incomplete deliveries
  • Poor customer service
  • Can’t understand your invoice
  • Repairs are not getting done
  • Employees are running out of their uniforms or supplies

We know the thought of switching uniform providers can be overwhelming, so you don’t even want to consider a change. At Northern Uniform, we think you deserve better. For more than 120 years, we have been a family-owned and operated company, which means when you switch to Northern, you don’t just become our customer, you become our family.

We are specialists when it comes to transitioning large companies’ uniform programs to us. We promise that changing your uniform provider will be smooth and painless — and we never break a promise.

Thinking About Switching Uniform Providers? See the Difference Northern Uniform Can Make

At Northern Uniform, our slogan is “keeping promises since 1901”, and we don’t plan on changing it. We place such high value on our customer satisfaction, you can see and feel the difference in your uniform rental experience.

Our five core values are adopted by our management team and used every day in interactions with both employees and customers.

1. Keep Your Promises

“Keeping promises since 1901.” We uphold this promise every time we come into work – it is the driving force of excellence in our company.

2. Be Fair

A healthy relationship is one that is mutually beneficial. We work tirelessly to keep our costs down so we can offer our customers competitive pricing and great value for their dollar.

3. Tell the Unvarnished Truth

Our invoices are clear, easy to understand, and we always have a real person available to answer any questions – no call centers here. We do right by our customers, every time.

5. Respect Each Other

Nobody can thrive in an environment where they are disrespected, and no matter who you are – customers, vendors, or employees alike – we ensure everyone gets treated with respect and appreciation at Northern Uniform.

6. Do the Right Thing

Mistakes happen, we’re all only human after all. It’s what happens next that makes a difference. We pride ourselves on problem resolution, so no matter what happens, you know we will make it right.

Thinking of Switching Uniform Providers?

Uniforms make a difference in the way people feel when they’re at work. No matter the industry, we have developed uniform rental services and programs that fit your business. What’s more, we take care of the delivery, pick-up, laundering, and repairs!

We know that switching your uniform provider can be a challenging process, but we promise to make it a seamless transition no matter what – and we’ve been keeping promises for over 120 years!

Don’t settle for second best, make Northern Uniform your first choice. Learn more about our uniform rental services or contact us today.