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All About Northern’s Logistics Uniform Rental Program

In the transportation industry, your employees are always on the move, so they need a logistics uniform rental program they can rely on. Whether they’re loading trucks at the warehouse or working face-to-face delivering to customers, their uniforms should be durable, breathable, and high-quality. 

We understand that your drivers and warehouse employees need uniforms that are both professional and functional. That is why we offer a logistics uniform rental program with additional benefits, featuring a service level that national brands simply can’t compete with. 

Wide Variety of Logistics Uniform Garments

We provide a wide variety of logistics uniform garments to choose from that are custom branded for your business. 

From dress shirts and pants to outerwear and high-visibility safety uniforms, our logistics uniform rental program fits all your different worker’s needs for a variety of weather conditions.

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Added Benefits To Your Logistics Uniform Rental Program

We believe that cost shouldn’t interfere with safety. This is what drove us to develop the P.A.S.S. Program. 

Exclusive to Northern Uniform, this program not only streamlines costs, but also provides full support and documentation on the manufacture and ongoing maintenance of logistic uniform rentals.

Our P.A.S.S. Program: 

  • Allows your company to implement high safety standards with no upfront cost
  • Drastically reduces the impact of adding employees as your company grows
  • Streamlines invoicing and allows for long-term budget forecasting
  • Includes installation, replacement and repair of all reflective striping
  • Encompasses all regulatory maintenance and documentation of High Visibility Garments

Additionally, all of our customers can take advantage of our NU-trak app. This gives your employees instant access to submit their own repair, replacement, or size change requests, see upcoming deliveries, and much more.

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P.S. We Also Offer a Mat Rental Program For Your Logistics Company

Did you know that over 80% of the dirt and dust in a building is tracked in on shoes? 

A commercial mat rental program can be the unsung hero of your logistics business, as it helps facilitate workplace safety, consistent branding, cleanliness, and more.

Mats keep dust down and protect your expensive computer equipment, while also…

  • keeping your air cleaner,
  • building your brand image,
  • increasing productivity,
  • and most importantly, promoting safety.

Also, unlike other mat rental companies, we regularly collect, clean, repair, replace and deliver your mats (at no extra cost!) when you participate in Northern’s mat rental program.

GO Northern For Your Logistics Uniforms

As the largest local and family-owned uniform rental provider in Ontario since 1901, we’re ready to offer you the highest quality of customer service, on-time delivery and quality uniforms at a fair price.

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