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Northern Uniform Blog | Your Employees Need Branded Outerwear
Your Employees Need Branded Outerwear: Here’s Why

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Outerwear is known to provide warmth, visibility, and comfort during Canada’s harshest conditions. But, did you also know that they can also represent your business?

Imagine if all of your employee’s outerwear included your company’s logo and colors. Not only will your workers be safe and comfortable, they’ll also showcase your business from head-to-toe while remaining cost-effective and professional. Believe it or not, these garments also help enable workplace safety!

Below are 5 main benefits of branded outerwear for your business, outlined by our team at Northern Uniform Service. 

1. Brand Awareness

Having your workers display your company’s logos and brand colors is a tried-and-true, yet easy way to advertise and spread the word about your business. 

Anyone that comes across your workers while they’re in uniform—potential customers, passersby, and even your mail carrier, will immediately know who you are. 

This makes it easier for customers to seek out employees when they are looking for assistance, which leads to increased profits for the company and job security for the workers. 

2. Cost Effective

Did you know that uniforms help lower your workers’ expenses? Just think about it; wearing the same thing every day eliminates the hassle of trying to figure out what to wear, or scrambling to buy a new wardrobe. 

The durability of uniforms also eliminates the worry of wear and tear. Therefore, your employees will always be outfitted in reliable attire that you won’t have to replace.

3. Workplace Security

High visibility outerwear can be a key component of your workplace security plan. When your employees are dressed in similar attire, it’s easy for other employees, customers and outside contractors to identify them at first glance. 

On the flip side, these garments also make it easier to spot trespassers, or people who might not be permitted to be in certain areas of your business.

4. Branded Apparel Establishes a Team

Why do you think sports teams all have uniforms? By putting on a uniform, individuals feel like they are adopting a different persona and are a part of something bigger than themselves.

Providing your employees with branded outerwear gives them a sense of unity. This is, of course, beneficial to company culture and the attitude of your employees. 

When your team has the same uniform, it gives everyone something in common, which creates a sense of inclusion among all members. Subsequently, teamwork has only a positive impact on productivity. 

5. Professionalism

Want a strong and professional image, despite the cold? Branded outerwear is the way to go. It makes your employees look established and trustworthy—something all people look for when trying to find new companies to work with.

Selecting appropriate branded outerwear can immediately establish a professional business image that attracts—and helps retain—customers.

Provide Your Workers With Branded High Visibility Outerwear Today

There are many reasons why branded high visibility outerwear is a smart choice for your business. If you’re sold, you don’t need to look any further; our outerwear is made from compliant, durable material, customized to fit all sizes. 

When your workers are outfitted in quality, branded outerwear, it shows professionalism, confidence and competence while they represent your business. 

Contact us today! We’ll help you figure out the best option for your employees while remaining true to your company’s values and branding.