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Small Business Uniforms

Custom Uniforms for Small Business in Ontario

We’re dedicated to providing a custom uniform service scaled to your needs as a small business. However, as a family-owned and operated business ourselves, we especially cherish decades-long relationships with several small business clients, and have had the pleasure of growing with them.

We’re proud to serve such a diverse network of industries, such as:

  • Corporate
  • Industrial
  • Food Service
  • Mining
  • Logistics
  • Pharmaceutical

Why Use a Uniform Rental Service?

Safety and comfort in the workplace is our utmost priority for all of our customers. 

This is why we offer several garment options that are suitable for any and all workers, including:

Corporate Casual

custom uniforms for small business, corp casual

Food Processing

custom uniforms for small business, food processing

Flame Resistant

custom uniforms for small business, flame resistant

High Visibility

custom uniforms for small business, hi vis

Industrial Wear for Mining & Manufacturing

Industrial Wear for Mining & Manufacturing

Logistics Uniforms for Warehousing & Transportation

logistics uniforms

Lab Coats, Scrubs, and Other Pharmaceutical Workwear

Lab Coats, Scrubs, and Other Pharmaceutical Workwear

Work Outerwear

Work Outerwear​

Benefits of Uniforms for Small Businesses

As the largest local and family-owned uniform rental provider in Ontario, we are able to offer our customers a higher level of customer service that national brands just can’t compete with. We guarantee on-time deliveries and quality products at a fair price. 

And when you work with us, you can always talk to a real person on our team, dedicated to upholding our values with every customer interaction.

Identification and Security

When your employees are dressed in similar attire, it’s easy for other employees, customers and visitors to identify them as members of your team.


Our laundering process for uniforms ensures proper sanitization and cleaning of all of our garments. Rest assured that your staff will always portray the right image for your brand —neat and tidy, sanitized and safe.


With a comprehensive uniform program, your employees will never have to worry if they’re appropriately dressed or not—and your management doesn’t have to deal with the issues that come with dress code ambiguities.


Our uniforms provide safety, compliance, and durability for workers across a wide variety of industries, where risk of injury or hazard is high.


Branded uniforms make it easier for customers to seek out employees while looking for assistance, which leads to increased profit for the company and job security for the workers.

Local vs. National Uniform Suppliers

Fact: Local uniform suppliers are twice as likely to exceed customer expectations than national suppliers. 

There are many advantages to working with a locally owned and operated uniform company, such as:

  • Fast and reliable customer service. We’ll connect you with a real customer service representative; not a computer.
  • We make decisions to benefit our customers and employees, not corporate shareholders.
  • Local business operations are better for the environment. Since we exclusively serve Northern Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area, we focus transportation to minimize air pollution. 
  • As a local independent business, we are agile and obtain the latest technologies for a smaller investment.


We’re a family-owned business who cares for our employees and their work conditions. This ultimately leads to consistent, quality products and customers who stay with us for the long haul.

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Family-owned and proudly Canadian, our staff is ready to help you at any time! 

Contact us today to talk with a member of our customer service or sales team and learn more about our specialized uniform rental programs.