COVID-19 concerns: Be sure to keep your uniforms and mats clean during this time – keep turning in your soiled merchandise each week so we can help you meet your hygiene requirements. Our commitment to providing clean goods to customers and a safe work environment for our staff continues during this difficult time for Ontarians. This is why Northern Uniform Service is your trusted uniform provider!

Rental Services.

Our services are specifically designed around your company’s workflow. We offer solutions to ensure you and your staff are well equipped to work safely.

Uniform rental solutions.

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What we offer

Uniform Rental Service

Locker Control Systems

Wash & Repair

Floor Mat Rental

  • Management Visits

    Management Visits

  • Control Your Uniform Costs

    Control Your Uniform Costs

  • In-Plant Account Inspections

    ISO 9001 – A Quality Standard

  • Product Quality System

    ISO 22000 – A Food Safety Standard

  • Red Alert System

    Red AlertTM System

  • Honest Pricing

    Honest Pricing

  • Customer-Response System

    Customer Response System

  • Locker System

    Locker System

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